July 24, 2023

Kideo Talks - the podcast: #8 Attachment in childcare (Leonie Winkel)

Leonie Winkel joins this new episode of Kideo Talks - the podcast. Leonie provides carrying consultations at Kideo, so that our pedagogical staff in the baby and toddler group can carry the children. We previously talked about this in this blog . Leonie also discusses attachment in childcare in more detail in this podcast. A theme that Kideo finds very important and whose importance is fortunately becoming more and more clear within childcare. More information about Leonie can be found on her website: leoniewinkel.com Reading tip: The first 1000 days - Tessa Roseboom Listen here Kideo Talks #8: Attachment in childcare (Leonie Winkel)

Kideo Talks - the podcast

A lot of information and knowledge is available within Kideo and the Kideo network. We would like to share this information and knowledge with Kideo parents, other (prospective) parents and other interested parties in this podcast. Various episodes will be released online in the near future, covering different themes. Themes that you as a (prospective) parent may be concerned about, find interesting or encounter. Examples of these themes are sleeping and winter time, reading aloud, busyness during the holidays and nutrition.

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