February 23, 2022



Kideo started the Improvement Meter in October 2020. Kideo asks for feedback from parents at various times. An important way to make your voice heard as a parent. As we wrote in our newsletter, we wanted to know more about it. That is why the Parent Committee of Kideo Assen asked Rixte everything about it. Rixte is responsible for marketing and communications at Kideo. Below you can read the result.


What is the Improvement Meter in short and what is it for?
"The ImprovementMeter is a useful tool with which we can measure parent satisfaction at Kideo through various questionnaires. This way we can continue to check whether we continue to meet the quality requirements and wishes of parents.

Do all parents receive the Improvement Meter and when will you be invited?
One of the parents will receive an invitation to participate in the questionnaires. This concerns a questionnaire about the introduction, the adjustment period and subsequently annually. Upon deregistration, a final evaluation will follow. Let's take a look at the 'improvement meter moments':

  • - Measurement introduction:
    A parent will receive this questionnaire 1 week after the placement date.
  • - Adjustment period measurement:
    A parent receives this questionnaire when the child has been using childcare for 3 months.
  • - Measurement annually:
    All parents receive this questionnaire 1 year after the placement date and then annually.
  • - Final evaluation measurement:
    A parent receives this questionnaire when childcare ends.

Is the Improvement Meter completed frequently/well?
We currently have a response of 40% at the BSO and at the KDV this is 53%. Quite high for a survey, but of course we hope that all parents will complete the questionnaires. We realize that we are not the only organization from which parents receive a request for a satisfaction measurement by email.

However, our measurements are about more than just the appreciation of parents. The continuous measurement gives parents the opportunity to give their opinion about the care of their child(ren). In this way, parents help us to make improvements where possible. We therefore hope that we can count on the cooperation of parents, so that together we can provide the best care for the child(ren).

On which topics is the most feedback given?
Flexibility in exchange days is a topic that is often mentioned. We understand that it is useful for parents if a longer period is used. However, through experience in recent years, we have noticed that the chance of success is greater when exchanges take place within the same week. This way we can offer every parent the greatest possible chance of success when they submit an exchange request. Parents have been choosing Kideo en masse in recent years, which means that on some days the groups are quite full. When we look at other childcare centers around us, they are sometimes more flexible on this subject. However, they do charge a higher hourly rate. Kideo has for many years followed the hourly rate at which parents receive the maximum childcare allowance, in order to keep our childcare accessible to all parents. In order to continue to offer this price, we are unfortunately less flexible in offering a long exchange period and we do not offer credits for missing care days due to illness and/or vacation. We hope for the understanding of parents in this regard.

In addition, changes in personnel are a topic we encounter in the response from the ImprovementMeter. A subject that we find very important and to which we pay a lot of attention. Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent colleagues from choosing a different challenge or from a colleague who does not seem to fully suit Kideo and her vision. We try to assess this as much as possible during the application procedure, including by conducting several orientation days.

Are there examples of improvements that have been implemented based on the improvement meter?
At Kideo Assen it was indicated in quarter 1 that an older parent misses organic spreads and bread. Fresh bread is now delivered every week by the baker and is spread with a wide choice of organic toppings, including vegetable spreads from Groentegoed.

Another example is that the walking routes during the Corona period were not satisfactory. This was reported to the Improvement Meter and by the parent committee. After consultation with the parent committee, we subsequently adjusted these walking routes. The recent investment in double glazing is also a point that was mentioned by a parent in the Improvement Meter. This had been planned for some time, but this feedback has helped to get everything up and running faster.

In addition, the feedback also showed that parents noticed the existence of the parent committee through the questions asked in the Improvement Meter. The parent committee immediately took action and recorded a podcast last year and the first newsletter was sent, which will hopefully now make them more visible.

In short, we are happy with every feedback and hope to be able to do something with it. Of course, we also find it fantastic to read all the compliments shared in the Improvement Meter, which we are happy to share with all colleagues within Kideo. At every location we score higher than the national average, a result we are very proud of."

On behalf of the parent committee, we would like to thank Rixte very much for her cooperation in the interview. If parents have more questions about the Improvement Meter or otherwise have feedback, comments or comments, Kideo would be happy to receive them via info@kideo.nl