August 14, 2023

Kideo Talks - the podcast: #14 Osteopathy

At Kideo we are fans of the osteopath. The goal of osteopathy is to promote health by restoring the body's original mobility. But how does an osteopath do that? And what is that good for?

In this podcast (can be listened to via Spotify) we talk to Anita from Osteopathie Groningen. She tells us everything about osteopathy for young children. She explains to us when you can visit an osteopath, what you can pay attention to and how osteopathy can help children (but also adults). Do you have more questions about osteopathy or would you like to make an appointment? You can find the Osteopathie Groningen website via our website.

* Correction: at minute 9.50 Anita mentions 'crown position'. However, here she means 'occipital position' (the most favorable position for childbirth).

Kideo Talks - the podcast

A lot of information and knowledge is available within Kideo and the Kideo network. We would like to share this information and knowledge with Kideo parents, other (prospective) parents and other interested parties in this podcast. Various episodes will be released online in the near future, covering different themes. Themes that you as a (prospective) parent may be concerned about, find interesting or encounter. Examples of these themes are sleeping and winter time, reading aloud, busyness during the holidays and nutrition.

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